With current year-to-date gains north of 33% here's a unique and highly compelling opportunity for your consideration

Combining the best traits of a hedge fund and private equity — the exclusivity of an industry veteran’s deep knowledge of the sector to actively curate a highly attractive portfolio of Pre-IPO companies, with the openness of a publicly traded stock — quarterly audited reporting to provide transparency — here is an opportunity to avail yourself of the benefits of both.

Taking a closer look:


StHealth Capital is a Healthcare focused operating investment vehicle structured as a Business Development Company (BDC) with the intention to go fully publicly traded in the future. Like REITs and other Alternative Investments, it is ideal for Wealth Clients looking for higher yield. It expects total returns >30% on average and StHealth has delivered YTD 33% returns. The strategy seeks highly capitalized companies that go public at significant premiums to pre-IPO prices when market conditions are favorable, thus hedging the risk of turbulent market conditions.

Like all BDC’s, StHealth must report by filing annual 10Ks and quarterly 10Qs with the SEC, just as any public US company. The BDC structure enables earlier liquidity opportunities than traditional Private Equity. Currently, there are 90 BDC vehicles with an average AUM of approximately $1billion.

StHealth focuses on Pre-IPO healthcare companies making equity and equity-linked investments in mostly private companies which are at commercial inflection points and are typically within eighteen months from an IPO.  It is focused primarily on high-margin Med Tech and non-binary risk therapeutic companies.

StHealth management has a strong track record in healthcare portfolio management, and structured investments. StHealth has the unique ability to secure sales contracts with government related and other large groups which can accelerate the growth and value of the target portfolio companies. This enables us to guide target portfolio companies along a more efficient and speedier path to commercialization that reduces the risk and increases the return.

StHealth has a compelling anchor investment – a cutting edge MedTech company with world class staff, directors, and advisors. The strong relationship with the leadership of this company provides us access to the company’s management, board, and advisors with the intention that the interaction will be a source of future investment opportunities and financings. Among the company’s five products are two potential blockbusters in the cardiovascular space. This company plans to IPO later this year at likely two or more times the current price. The company is currently signing highly lucrative licensing deals with large strategic partners to commercialize its products.

StHealth expects to deliver ~30% annual returns for at least the first few years.The companies in which Sthealth invests, produce unique device technology that enable more effective and safer medical procedures for angioplasty, anti-hypertension therapy and others. Due to the great need, globally, for these life-changing procedures, and the pending commercialization of the enabling devices, financial modelling of the associated companies is conservative.

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