Unlocking BDC Liquidity

StHealth Capital is a Healthcare focused investment vehicle that also engages in certain operational activities. The firm invests mainly in pre-IPO Medtech and other non-binary risk therapeutics companies which are at “commercial or strategic inflection points”. In other words, StHealth invests in companies on the cusp of becoming commercialized.

StHealth adds value to portfolio companies through the “Business Development” it provides. This includes validation of commercial viability of the products of target portfolio companies conducted at significant Healthcare Delivery Systems. For those validated targets which become portfolio companies, the “Business Development” continues with strategic guidance on product launches into the broader market and introductions to potential strategic partners.

StHealth is structured as a Business Development Company (BDC) which provides advantages to the company and its investors. The company is regulated by the SEC, must file quarterly and annual financial reports, and must satisfy portfolio diversification requirements. The ability to issue and sell shares, which will trade on an exchange, enables the company to access capital from a wide variety of sources.

StHealth BDC is designed to provide opportunities for liquidity through special dividends, frequent share repurchases and secondary market providers, including the syndicate of broker-dealers involved with our share offering.



Designed to be a more liquid strategy using proprietary embedded options, frequent buybacks, and BDC registered securities.


Yield & Growth

Our structure emphasizes higher dividend yields akin to fixed income structures but also provides equity-like capital gains.



A regulated investment vehicle primarily for RIAs, broker-dealers, family offices, and individual wealth clients that does not require K-1s.